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     Yalta, also spelled Jalta, is a city of Crimea in Southern Ukraine. It faces the Black Sea on the southern shore of the Crimean Peninsula. Settlement on the site dates from prehistoric times, but modern Yalta developed only in the early 19th century, becoming a city in 1838. Its favorable climate with mild winters and its scenic location between the sea and the mountains make Yalta one of the most popular holiday resorts in Ukraine.
     Yalta may best be described as a sister city of Santa Barbara, CA. USA and was formally deemed so on November 1987. Physically, the city closely resembles Santa Barbara; it rests on the shores of the Black Sea, as Santa Barbara is edged by the Pacific Ocean; a very high mountain range is its backdrop; the population is approximately the same; and tourism is the major source of new capital. However, the major attraction of Yalta is its people. Warm, friendly and hospitable, they are easy to relate to, and their sense of humor and cheerful nature make for a pleasant welcome and visit.
     The coastal strip east and west of Yalta is full of palaces, parks, resorts and beautiful spots which make great day trips such as Nikitsky Botanical Gardens, Swallow's Nest, Alupka Palace, Livadia Palace, Khersones ( last Greek settlement of the new world) , Khan's Palace, Cave Cities of Bakhchysaray, and the Cirmea Grand Canyon to name just a few. You will find beaches, water sports, snow skiing, hiking, climbing to support your athletic pursuits. Explore historic WWII sites and visit some of the finest wineries in the world. Visit Yalta for a week and you will want to stay for a year in this wonderful region that is ripe for a economical boom in the every changing political atmosphere.

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